A Leftist and a Libertarian walk out of a bar…

They head to opposite sides of the street and stride along it, the Libertarian giving to the beggars, the Leftist lamenting that Capitalist society has created goods and jobs, and then not given them away for nothing.  He is gratified to reflect that he has not sinned in creating either of these things and then failing to dispense with them for free, and in fact has been so virtuous as to instead freely dispense with what he has not created.  Weathering this storm of abuse from the narrator, the Leftist looks up to the front of a building of two or three stories’ height, just in time to see a man rush forcefully at the full length window on the second floor, bursting it out with an explosion of glass.  The man’s body tumbles out of the window and down to the street, and he lies prone and bleeding but alive on the sidewalk.  In that stunned moment before any of the passerby in the street can usefully react, the Leftist and the Libertarian form critically different impressions of the man, the building, and the window.  The Leftist looks down at the injured man in shock, noting his injuries, dismayed by the blood.  He curses the window which allowed the man to fall, “This is terrible!  We need to board up those windows so men can’t just burst through them to their own injury like this!”  The Libertarian (being a heartless idealogue, as we know) looks rather upwards in his shock, and gazes curiously into the opening through which the man came.  “Well shit, good thing that window was there,” he remarks, as the first rolls of smoke begin pouring out of the building, and the flames appear crackling around the impromptu exit.


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