A New Year’s Prayer

Lord and Father, look not upon our iniquities,
But hear our prayer in light of your exceeding love and mercy.
Thank you for another year past, secure from hunger and cold,
That we have not been struck down by disease or sword,
That our roofs stood firm and our bodies sound
Through these dark days.

Thank you for the innumerable joys of life you have provided,
And forgive us for those we have neglected to enjoy.
Thank you for the embraces of those we loved this year,
Thank you for what we have learned and achieved.
Thank you Lord for watching over the cities,
For building the houses beside us.
Thank you Lord for your unfailing virtue,
Visible above our sins like the sun seen from the ocean’s depths.

Lord please grant us another year of rain sufficient to feed our children.
Please sustain our hands with strength for the work ahead,
And sustain our hearts in the wisdom of your Word.
Please grant that our labors bear fruit, please guide our minds to wise labors.
Please Lord, shower upon us poor sinners the same undeserved gifts
Which you have so richly showered on our sinner fathers.
And let not our entanglements hinder your mercies,
O God of heaven.

Glory to God in the Highest,


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