Reflections on my first year as a small firm

April 15th 2015 was something of a landmark for me, since i started operations of my own firm on January 15th 2014, and if taxes were going to be the death of that firm, this past Wednesday would be their last chance to prevent me from calling 2014 a victorious year. i’m very pleased to have successfully made every mortgage payment out of the proceeds of a small enterprise, rather than a wage, for a Continue reading


You want a pardox? Ok.

Libertarians (like me) are justly described as trying to maximize Liberty, and less correctly, as trying to minimize the restraints on human behavior. i say less correctly, because there is a sense in which the Libertarian actually believes in restraints nobody else believes in. If you ask a Libertarian and a non-Libertarian “What do you think about one person punching, injuring, or killing another, without the victim’s consent?” the Libertarian answers, obviously, “That is immoral.” And the man in the mainstream answers, “That is immoral…unless the perpetrator is an agent of a government, and the victim is a mere citizen.” Continue reading

19 Little questions for Non-Libertarians

Every thinking Libertarian had already answered the “19 tough questions for Libertarians” before they were even asked, in the course of merely organizing his own thoughts. i’m not going to be the thousandth person to answer those questions; i want to play a different game instead. The following are questions that are very easy for Libertarians, and i suspect consistent Continue reading